English Extension 2 is the paragon of HSC English courses. Students undertake a major work composition over the course of ten months under the mentorship of a member of the English faculty. In 2017, 12 students undertook this challenge (an outstanding achievement) in the mediums of short story (6000 words), performance poetry (10 minutes), speech (20 minutes) and film (8 minutes). The showcase evening is the culmination of the course, with students explaining the central concepts of their work and presenting an extract of the final product. Each student this year moved the packed live audience in different ways: there was satirical laughter, absorbed concentration and barely-concealed tears.
Congratulations to each student, their mentors, friends and parents.
Zaynab Aly: NESA (Not Educating Students Anymore) – speech
Sarah Gaffney: Twisted – short story
Elizabeth Tyrrell: Beyond Maturity – short story
Alana Blakers: Cosmic Condition – short story
Rhese Loscialpo: Blue Journal – short story
Brianna Huynh: Casualty – performance poem
Sarah Guy: A Footnote to History – short story
Zoe de Castro: The Cure – performance poem
Ida Bahrami-Arnesa: A Blinding Oppression – short story
Rania Bhasin – Devastatingly Exotic – short story
Tristan Dearden: Consumed. – film
Melissa Ertler: The Lady in the House of Love – film
Mitchell Clendinning | Head of English, Head of Creative & Performing Arts