This term the Thursday-Friday program in Room 1 began a new Unit of Inquiry based around transport. We started by naming all the different kinds of transport we see on the land, in the sky and on the sea, and then we categorised them as part of a group activity.

During learning experiences, the children made a number of craft pieces including paper plate cars, helicopters and collaged paper boats. We have these displayed in the room, for all children to see.

The aeroplane simulator was one of the highlights! The children role-played checking in baggage, collecting tickets and boarding a plane before we sat down in the aisles and prepared for take-off! The children clapped and cheered as the plane took to the sky.

Later on, as we learnt about boats, we did a floating and sinking experiment. We drew a table on the whiteboard and listed a range of different objects. Next, we made predictions before putting the experiment into practice. Each child then dropped an object into the water and we watched to see if it floated on top or sank to the bottom. The children were fascinated with the results!

We have also been working with the children to further develop their fine motor skills. We have engaged in many different activities such as cutting and pasting, building with Duplo and solving puzzles. We have enjoyed social play based activities too, such as dress-ups, role-playing in home corner and playing group circle games.

Many of the children have had a special visitor stay at their houses over the weekend – Healthy Harold! Over the next two terms, Harold will be visiting someone new each week. We have a book that will go along with Harold, and it would be great to see of photos of all the adventures he has with the children during his visit.

It has been a great term so far!