HSC Major Works

This past fortnight I have been inspired by the talents, efforts and application of our most senior students – Year 12. Through attendance at the HSC Showcases I have marvelled at the quality of major works in English Extension 2, Music, Drama, Visual Arts, Design and Technology and Industrial Technology – Wood. These projects are usually conceived in Term 4 of Year 11 and then developed over an 10 month period.

The outcomes were testament to the dedication and efforts of both the student and their teachers. Each major work is a reflection of each students commitment, but more importantly each is a reflection of the composer – their passions, interests, skills and character. We have been delighted not only by a set of extraordinary products, but equally delighted by the young people who composed, crafted and persevered in their personal exploration of issues and creation. Well done and congratulations to each of the Year 12 students who completed these courses.

We will gather to farewell and celebrate the Class of 2017 at the end of this term and whilst the next edition of the Newsletter will focus on Year 12, please note the details below if you are interested in joining us for this special event in the life of our School.

Year 12 Graduation Assembly and Presentation of Awards

Please note the following details in regard to this special event in the life of our Year 12 students. Please be aware that the event is occurring and assist the school in managing the large number of people who will be on site for this occasion.

Date: Wednesday 20 September 2017

Time: 10.30am

Venue: Multi-Purpose Hall at The Hills Grammar School

Parking: Gate 1 (Non attendees are asked not to park in this area on this day)

Disabled Access: Anyone requiring disabled access to the venue should contact Mischeal Fenton to make the appropriate arrangements at mischeal.fenton@hillsgrammar.nsw.edu.au 

Annual Surveying

In the coming weeks parents / carers of ECEC, Years 3,5,7,9 and 12 will receive an invitation from Macquarie Marketing Group to complete our annual survey of parent / carers opinions and viewpoints on a range of school matters and issues. Please be on the lookout for the invitation in your email. I encourage as many parents / carers to participate in this process as the data produced informs improvement strategies and strategic directions. Students in Years 5,7,9,12 will also be invited to complete

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