On Monday 12 September, 10 Year 8 students and I visited the Whitlam Institute Education Centre at WSU. We were taken on a tour around the building which was once a home and school to Sydney orphaned children and later, a psychiatric hospital. The tour opened our eyes to the harsh living conditions the children experienced, including 3 children sharing a bed and living with the stench of raw sewerage.

The second part of the program involved the group in some fun leadership and team building activities. This involved some self reflection of our personal strengths and of those in the group. A positive mood was set for a debate on leadership which brought out our passion and enthusiasm for topics including 'All Leaders are most likely to be an extrovert'.

We ended the day with a tour of Gough Whitlam's office where we had the opportunity to sit in Gough Whitlam's chair, at his desk. Overall, the whole day was very informative, enjoyable and greatly appreciated.

Chris O'Neill | Head of Student Leadership