On Saturday 2 September, 7 Hills Grammar students from the Solar Challenge Co-curricular Program travelled to the University of New South Wales to participate in the 2017 UNSW SunSprint Model Solar Car Challenge. The SunSprint Challenge is an exciting competition for high school students to design, build and race a model car and boat powered only by the energy of the sun.

Samuel Cook, Braydon Hart, James Bian, Lavan Murali, Krish Revo, Neelan Satchi and Joshua Huang have been working in teams, following specific design rules and technical standards to create multiple solar vehicles to compete in the 10m solar boat race, 20m mini sprint car race and the mini sprint car pursuit race. Through their work, the students gained a greater knowledge of solar cells, motors, gears, electricity and the power of the sun while honing their racing skills to achieve peak performance for their vehicles.

The team of Joshua Huang, Neelan Satchi and Braydon Hart were successful in the 10m boat race event and were awarded third place. The combined Hills Grammar team won the Best High School trophy from a strong field of competitors from throughout New South Wales.

Congratulations to the students on their efforts and the winning results.

Mr Fernando Mendez | TAS Teacher