A selected group of primary students had the opportunity to participate in a 3D animation workshop this week, run by the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. The group of 10 talented students in Digital Technologies, were all quickly immersed in learning how to use quite complex animation software called ZBrush. They began by learning about the local animation and film industry and were surprised to hear that the recent Lego Movie was animated right here in Sydney. Students were given the challenge to design their own character based on the pink pig from Toy Story. 

They quickly learned how to use some of the features of ZBrush to bring their character to life.  These animation workshops usually cater for students aged 14 years plus, however our Junior School students showed great persistence and quickly acquired the technical skills they needed to navigate their way proficiently around the programme. 

Thank you to Mr Harrington for helping to organise this workshop.

Deborah Wightley | Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator K-6