Over the past 2 weeks the children of Room 2 have been further developing their social emotional skills in preparation for Kindergarten in 2018. They have been learning how to identify emotions, how to regulate and manage emotions as well as how to cope with any changes in their environment. They have been involved in group discussions and stories that support them to openly express their feelings to others.

ECEC staff have also noticed how the children have incorporated their knowledge of emotions and feelings into their play experiences as they draw pictures of their feelings and discuss these with their peers and teachers.

Room 2 children are also developing their resilience and sense of independence by having the opportunity to play and learn in different rooms at ECEC. When in different rooms, they are able to meet and interact with new friends, play and learn with different resources, establish connections with different teachers and engage in the different learning opportunities.

As we approach the end of Term 3, the children are eagerly awaiting ECEC’s school holiday program. Our holiday learning program is always exciting and busy, and we enjoy being able to use the beautiful grounds of Hills Grammar each day.