This term has been busy with our Unit of Inquiry titled All About Me, which aims to focus on children’s sense of self and developing confidence. We began asking the children to suggest what they would like to learn as part of this unit and their ideas were included in the topics covered. The children have learnt about themselves in the context of their family, how they are similar and different to each other, the physical aspects of their body including size and healthy eating.

We discussed how the children have changed by comparing baby photos with more recent photos and all the children have enjoyed detailing all the things they are capable of doing now they are preschoolers. Everyone really loved sharing their baby photos with each other! Looking to the future, the children were asked to consider what they would like to do when they are older. We recorded lots of exciting occupations!

The children, families and educators warmly welcomed a new addition to our room. Charlie the Clown was adopted as our class pet and was selected by the group using a voting system. He has been making home visits each week. On his return children are encouraged to lead a discussion with the group giving details of his weekly activities. This experience aims to promote expressive language skills, build confidence and provide a link between home life and ECEC. The children have been very enthusiastic in taking Charlie home and then sharing the details of his adventures. Charlie has attended extra curricular activities of swimming, taekwondo, music lessons and horse riding, participated in evening routines, visited the park, played on the trampoline, met family pets, helped to make pizza and was a companion at the hairdresser. He will continue to travel to the homes of Room 4 families during Term 3 and 4 so that he visits everyone.