During Term 3 the Thursday/Friday children in Room 5 have been investigating and learning more about our bodies. Our Unit of Inquiry is focusing on 'Everyday I learn more about myself.’ We started by reading an information book called: The Usborne Big Book of the Body. We then asked the children what they would like to find out about their bodies. The children had some really interesting questions that we answered throughout the term.

Some of the children’s questions were: ‘How much blood do we have?’, ‘How many muscles do we have?’, ‘How do I use my lungs?’ and ‘I would like to find out about my organs.’ After doing some research reading a range of information books we found out that we have 206 bones, 650 muscles, about 100,000 hairs on our head and adults have approximately five litres of blood. At the end of our Unit of Inquiry we asked the children to reflect on what they have learnt about their bodies. Here are some responses.


William: ‘It helps you remember things like at class time.’

Zachary: ‘It helps you think.’

Varshana: ‘It helps you remember something.’

Emily: ‘If you forget to do something your brain will help you to remember.’

Adhvay: ‘Our brain is in our head.’


Callum: One lung is smaller so our heart can fit.’

Zachary: ‘Our lungs help us breathe.’


Yolanda: ‘When we run our heart beats fast and when we sleep our heart beats slow.’


Viraine: ‘We have 206.’

Anthea: ‘If we don’t have bones you’re flat.’

James: ‘If you don’t have bones you can’t move.’


Callum: ‘Intestines’

Joanna: ‘Food goes in your stomach.’


James: ‘Adults have 5 litres of blood.’


James: ‘The tongue pushes the food down.’

Varshana: ‘Your teeth chops up the food you eat.’

Anoushka: ‘It helps you taste things.’

Chloe: ‘Your tongue can help you with talking.’

Rosie: ‘To taste food.’


Callum: ‘They help us be strong.’

Lucas: ‘Our muscles are big.’

James: ‘Our muscles are strong.’