Last Friday Year 6 participated in Year 7 Taster Day. During the day, we were able to bond with Year 6 students from other schools and take part in different classes from the Year 7 curriculum.

We were divided into five groups, each taking part in different classes. Some of the classes we participated in were Languages (Japanese and French), Drama, Music, Science, Food Technology, Geometry and Sport. These classes gave us an idea of what the Year 7 timetable would be like next year.

During these classes, we gained an insight into the basics of Japanese, recapped the countries that speak French and made mini pizzas with English muffins, cheese, ham and pineapple.

During the day, we made many new friends that we hope to see next year as future students of Hills Grammar.

Overall, we loved the experience of the day and we were lucky to see what our future in Year 7 looks like.

Martta Keloneva and Meera Singh | Year 6 Students

'Taster Day was good fun because I met lots of new people and the classes were interesting.' - Isabel Aldridge

'I loved the drama lesson, playing life boat and other games.' - Jack Luzar

'The Japanese lesson was funny because the teachers explain the symbols in a creative way.' - Murphy de Castro