We celebrate yet another example of Hills Grammar teachers contributing at State and National level to the learning and development of teachers. Hannah Gandhi, Stage 2 Coordinator & Year 4 Teacher and Alyssa McMurray, Stage 3 Coordinator & Year 5 Teacher, presented a workshop session entitled 'Maths Inquiry…..what can it look like in practice?' at the recent Association of Independent Schools (AIS) 2017 Primary Conference. Mark Yeowell, Head of Junior School, also attended the Conference and thoroughly enjoyed Hannah and Alyssa’s presentation.

The following workshop synopsis was advertised to conference participants and there was standing room only at the session:

This workshop explores our practical use of investigations and inquiry tasks when delivering the Mathematics syllabus within a school where Guided Inquiry is the whole school pedagogy, Pre K-12.  We are passionate about students inquiring into concepts to develop their understanding through practical experiences. We will share how we use questioning to support these learning experiences and ensure that students are given the opportunity to discover knowledge for themselves, which enables us to observe a love for learning in our classrooms as students engage in these investigations. In this workshop we will demonstrate how our current practice uses various strategies such as Making Thinking Visible Routines, hands on investigations, technology and open-ended challenges. Using hands on learning our workshop will engage and inspire educators to use maths inquiry in their own learning environments.

More Information on Alyssa and Hannah below!

Alyssa McMurray is a passionate early career teacher who leads others in implementing Inquiry learning pedagogy as Stage 3 Co-ordinator. She loves conducting research into best practice in alternative and inspiring approaches to teaching and learning within an environment where risk taking and innovation are valued. Most recently, Alyssa has initiated the use of OneNote as a tool that enhances student engagement and curiosity, as well as optimising collegial practice across Stage 3. She is keen to share her journey of learning and practice with conference participants.

Hannah Gandhi is a passionate teacher with over 10 years experience. She is committed to providing all children with the very best educational opportunities, aiming to inspire a lifelong love for learning. Hannah values working in a school where teachers learn collegially and she can lead in ways that encourage the sharing of ideas and innovative practice. Hannah is a nurturing teacher who works hard to provide a personalised education for all children she teaches. The School’s Whole School Pedagogy of Inquiry Learning, including the Primary Years Program of the International Baccalaureate, aligns with her own teaching pedagogy, allowing her to develop inquiry based lessons and learning sequences that encourage students to ask questions, seek answers and inevitably develop an understanding of enduring concepts.

Chris Furner | Director of Staff Development