We have experienced three seasons in one week this week, sometimes all in one day. Spring has certainly sprung, and as such it is time for a Fair.

The Major Fundraising Committee of the Parent and Friends Association, led by Lisl Dobson, has been working tirelessly since last year to ensure the Spring Fair is a wonderful community event. Their enormous effort on behalf of the School deserves the full support of the whole school community. I encourage all families to embrace this opportunity to now show their support of the School, through attendance, purchasing raffle tickets, buying ride wrist bands, donating supplementary items and by offering to volunteer where needed. Students likewise have been asked to assist via Mrs Nichelsen, Acting Head of Pennant House who is coordinating this for all students, and of course they are expected to attend on Sunday 22 October. 

PAFA has agreed to donate the proceeds in support of our Learners’ Walk concept which aims to utilise our beautiful campus more and more as an educational resource, enabling and allowing our teachers and their students to learn in different contexts, beyond the classroom and within natural and built environments. The concept of the Leaners’ Walk was raised by staff earlier this year, reinforced in discussion with parents and validated in our discussions with our students. There is a consensus  amongst these three groups that we can use our campus more creatively and as such we need to enhance the campus to further teaching and learning at Hills Grammar. The attached provides a visual for the concept and an indication of the types of things we are planning for our campus. Please know that your support of the Spring Fair will enable us to take full advantage of the Learners’ Walk sooner, rather than later.

Please carve the date October 22 into your diary, invite your extended family, friends and spread the word. The more people who attend, the more we will be able to accomplish with the monies raised. Please read on to the PAFA section of the newsletter for the most recent updates.

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