The Young Scientist Competition is an annual competition that is organised by the Science Teachers Association of NSW (STANSW). Year 10 students carry out a Student Research Project as part of their school based assessment in Science. The idea of the project is that they investigate something that is of interest to them allowing them to really take ownership of it. It provides an ideal opportunity of learning skills that they would normally not cover in a typical classroom or laboratory lesson.

Students work on the investigation and end up with an investigation that has an original idea, lots of measurements, good use of tables and graphs and some interesting findings. The best entries are entered into the Young Scientists Competition. This year we are submitting eight entries: Nicole Matysiak, Riley Petersen, Daniel Ambler, Dylan Kasah, Mark Hampson, Jordan Huynh, Cali Doyle, Claire Shi and Kavi Jalota.

The Science Faculty