To conclude our term of work, Hills International students apply the language and content they have acquired in a group guided inquiry project. They must research a current environmental issue and respond creatively and critically by completing a number of tasks which develop their English skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Such tasks include presentations using ICTs, dramatic readings of their own original pieces of creating writing and the development of video advertisements to raise awareness of their environmental issue. The following works were created in response to research about the human impact of E-Waste in China and Bushfire disasters and land management in Australia.

Rebecca Sultana | Head of Hills International Education, Head of International Students, English Teacher



When I wake up in the morning

I can't see the sun.

There is an electronic monster,

A monster big like a mountain.

It eats all the lights.

People, they are working under the monster.

Living on top of the monster.

Moving around it.

For days and days.


Only after a short amount of days

One more monster stands ominously on the ground.

Their dirty sweat runs into the river.

The air they spit out turns the sky dark.


When I fall into a dream

I dream there is peaceful environment without monsters.

I see the hopeful sun again.

I see the blue sky again.

I can even smell the freshness in the air.

I greedily drink the unsoiled water.

Afraid it will disappear the very next second.

I wish the dream will never end.

Jimmy Wang | Year 8



Short Story on E-waste

Long, long ago, some smart rabbits built a village in a rich field. They farmed and sold their produce to make a living. It was a perfect place for plants and animals to grow. Everyone felt happy because they had lots of food and clothes. But the rabbits were not satisfied with their lives, they wanted to earn more money and get more benefits.

One day, a rabbit came to the village and brought a special human product he had received while he was away. He told all villagers that some businessmen would give them a lot of money if they boiled this product. The Villagers were excited when they heard the news. Everyone hurried to dig holes and made big pots.

The rabbits started collecting these kinds of products and piled them up. The heap was as high as a mountain and looked like a monster.  They threw the products into their big pots and burned oil to get it to a high temperature because the products were hard to melt. Much irritating air came out from the pots. Dirty liquid and residues were dealt at will.

Businessmen gave them a high amount of money at first. The rabbits were crazy about boiling products and they worked hard every day. However, as time went on, a few rabbits and their livestock got sick. Their fields were becoming barren as well. The mercenary rabbits didn’t care about this situation. They continued boiling.

A few years later, a mysterious disease killed all rabbits. They could not control their bodies and killed each other. The village was full of blood and the rest of products. The businessmen took all the products away and visited a new village. They saw a rabbit going back to his village after a journey. Then they told to him:

'We will give your village a lot money if you boil these products.'

Hobbit Huang | Year 9




He moans like a beast

Wind and dryness follow him

He likes to go into the forest

And burn it, burn it ,burn it

Watch the wood house be damaged

Watch the people dying, perishing

Watch the animals cry and run away

He feels so cheerful

Listens to the burning sound

Listens to the screams

Listens to the wind celebrate

He feel so amazing

He flies to many forests  

And burns them

He loves to see people die

And laughs everyday

But justice will always win

Humans start to protect themselves and confront the beast

They burn lots of fuel

So the beast can't make the fire

It is hungrier and hungrier

But still poses some danger

Now people are not afraid anymore

The beast slowly dies. 

Lydia Liu | Year 9