During Semester 1, students in Year 5 will be participating in the S.E.A.T Project which is a values based program aiming to empower our students to explore their potential to enhance the world in which they live.  Every Tuesday afternoon, we will be meeting in the Centre for Innovation and Creativity to work on this exciting project which aims to raise a sense of global awareness and community engagement.

The program centres on the story of ‘The Little Stool that Could’ which students will be investigating over the coming weeks. This story demonstrates the values and actions achievable by students participating in this project.  Working in collaborative teams of two or three, each group eagerly commenced construction of their S.E.A.T last week. 

Students were immediately engaged in solving problems, negotiating solutions, collaborating as a team and interpreting the instruction sheet contained with their S.E.A.T.  The Centre for Innovation and Creativity quickly became a hive of engineering activity, hands-on problem solving and lessons in the importance of co-operation.

Our students will have the opportunity to decide on the actions that occur as a result of this project. We are working closely The S.E.A.T Project Foundation and the Lions Club of Parramatta to contribute to their Solomon Island’s Project, which aims to connect Australian schools directly to Solomon Islands’ Primary aged school children and their broader community. Less than 60% of school-age children in the Solomon Islands have access to Primary Education and this project is helping to build a community school and other facilities. The stools that we are constructing will form part of the campaign to raise funds and awareness for this project. As our students make decisions on how this will unfold, we look forward to your involvement and support.

Our first step in building a relationship with our new friends in Honiara commenced with the donation of our excess library books and shelving from the Junior School library.  As we relocated the library from Nexus to JS2, any old and out of date books were culled from the collection and these have now found a new home in the Solomon Islands.  Our sincere thanks go to Leeanne Hurren, President of the Lions Club of Parramatta for picking up the many boxes of books and organising for them to be transported to Honiara.

Deborah Wightley | Centre for Innovation and Creativity Co-ordinator